Kalisthan, Bakkhali and Frazergunj situated in South 24 Paraganas.  South 24Pgs. has a mixed beauty in the map of West Bengal. North of the state is totally hill area. Opposite side south is water and forest. South 24Pgs. has a huge quantity of natural eco system. This district already bagged different recognition from international corner. Forest listed ‘Sundarbans’ located in this district. Other than this there is one more location with natural beauty.  This district location is close to the near city of Kolkata. Frazergunj, Bakkhali villages are under  jurisdiction Namkhana police station, Kakdwip subdivision and in South 24 Paraganas, West Bengal, India.




South 24 Paraganas inter village communication are mostly depend on rivers, creeks and cannels. Now Due to infrastructural development, like local train frequency, bridge development, bus amiability is more accessible for villager and tourist to connect the district junctions. But some remote location is not too easy to access.



State government with the help of local bodies built up this district giving new dimension. Apart from Sundarban South 24Pgs. attraction is completely different with its wild nature, traditional rituals, folk culture, river beauty and danger animals both in forest and water. Royal Bengal tiger, Crocodile, Birds of this district is very much famous.








The unknown virgin beach is About 7 km away from Bakkhali. Kalisthan name comes from the ancient Kalimata temple of local village. The green mangrove forest seems and sandy range of the beach welcome to you. The sea here is very closer than Bakkhali. After fighting natural calamities like Amphan, Bulbul, Aaila this beach standing  for neture lover.  Abandoned small creek from the sea divides the sand in a way that is enjoyable. Various native and foreign birds play  in ocean with joy.



Crabs are fearlessly busy on their own work.  This beach is deserted at once except for a few local village people. Tourism infrastructure has not yet been build. Just the roar of the sea and the breath of life will thrill your heart. This magnificent view of solitude and the sea will make bound to you more time spend.  You also can boat ride by hiring. Photographers are love the place for take picture of birds and nature.



Lothiyan Island can be seen very close to virgin lonely Kalisthan. Fishing Trawlers movementfrom the sea you fill their busyness. Sitting the sandbank , you can spend some time and enjoy the sea with take of tea and snacks from local shop. If you are wish to walk on sand bank that’s not bad. The experience of Kalisthan will give you pleaser before watching Bakkhali-Frazergunj sunset.














River and jungle is very known attraction of South 24Pgs. But at the same the beauty of this location is Sea Beach. There are many beaches in Indian tourist map. But the Sea Beach of the remote zone of south 24Pgs. is very much attraction to the people who loves nature. The glorious Sea Beach of West Bengal is Bakkhali and Frazergung. These two places are called a ‘twin’ location. The Beach of this place is now a great interest of the people. In Bangladesh a river called bakkhali in chittagong division, but in India Bakkhali is a proud sea Beach.



Bakkhali the most breathtaking beach Iceland is a delta spread across South Bengal and Sundarban forest also. It’s covered up half circle or ‘U’ shape of Bay of Bengal around 7-8 Km..  The south facing crescent shaped beach of Bakkhali is one of the unique in the world. Wide beach stretching in Bakkhali to Frazergunj, water and beach look like appear grey. The beach of Bakkhali is very sloppy. Beach is enough for Cycling, bear car, but some location is soft and sinkable. There are local languages is Bengali. Fishing and agriculture is Primary occupation of the local people. Adjacent Bay of Bengal land heavily affecting the fertility of the land.  More Population accentuates its beauty. Administrative inspiration played a major role in the year 1980 to popular Bakkhali in the eyes of the tourists.

About Blissful Beach

Bakkhali is famous for its own glory. Bokkhali offers a very charming sunrise and sunset, like one of the few beaches in India. The sunrises and sets along the edge of the sea turning both the water and sand into a bright shade of crimson. The Beach is in the central point of South 24Pgs. The length of beach is 7- 8Kms, end of Bakkhali from Frazergunj point. Tourists are walking to enjoy the environment. This beach is hard land, so tourists are cycling and driving here for enjoy the atmosphere.  Walking in this beach is the prime target of the tourists. Near the beach tourists observe the mangrove forest. On the far left of the beach you can spot huge red crabs. There crabs are walking with you every step.


The fisherwoman is busy for fishing. Picture by: Nomadic Bengali traveler



In a word it can say Bakkhali is a great breath taking beach. The blissful beach is very much safe but it is not ideal for bathing and swimming. You can enjoy the beach with a cup of tea. In Beach you can sit on hired chair. You can enjoy viewing sea, weak waves of Bay of Bengal, sunrise and sunset also.


Playing with Ocean waves. Picture by: Nomadic Bengali Traveler.

Bonobibi temple




Bonobibi temple is 1 km walking way, end of Bakkhali beach in between jhawbon.  Sundarbans forest is a unique symbolizes the long history of cohabitation of Hindu-Muslim. Both communities are doing the worship of goddess Bonobibi all together in the dense Sundarbans forest on the Bengal coast.



Bonbibi it’s means as a Bon (forest)and Bibi (lady). Also ‘Bibi’ is used to muslim women surname but “Bon” used to Bengali words.  Many century Sundarbans people faith to Bonobibi protect forest people from dakhin rai (Bengal tiger) and many dangers of forest. The temple is also called ‘Bishalakshmi’ temple.  Local villagers are warship Bonobibi , Lakshmi, Durga, Shitala and many goddess at this temple.


Narayanitala (Frazergunj)


History of Frazergunj

Old native village Narayanitala turned into Frazergunj. It’s a history of 100 years ago. Lt.-Government of Bengal Andrew Frazer fell in love with a beach at the end of Sundarban. Frazer’s love of Narayanitala is a unique history. The English citizen dream was built a resort in this remote area. Frazer built a bungalow near sea, surround by coconut groves. Now the bunglow washed out by advancing water. Apart from name today nothing remains of Frazergung’s colonial period past. Though there is no question of disappointment. Now the beauty of Frazergunj became limitless.



Frazerganj Beach





Frezergunj beach is place of between Bakkhali. The abandoned concrete structures are standing its heart as a symbolic of natural calamities such as cyclone and weather aberrations. The landmark of Frazergunj beach is the towering windmill or wind energy from which generates 1MW of power. Behind this mill tourist can watch sunrise and sunset. Different activities of fishing harbour attracts to all visitors. Here is fishing auction center of the state government. Red colour crab is another beauty of Frazergunj and its famous beach.





Crossing the two side large fish drying units of Narayanitala,  you can achieve unique Frazergunj beach sunset point , which also walking distance from old Frazergunj beach  to Narayanitala  Frazergunj sunset point.  Duck and migrant bird plays like as their residence on the beach.   The unique lonely beach is unforgettable.




Frazerganj Fishing Port


Due to the activity of fisherman and proximately nearest sea, and city transportation edibility, it’s has gradually become a fishing port.  Now Frazergunj fishing harbor is a large fishing hub in West Bengal. Huge number and variable shape of fishing boat is anchor in harbor by side by side a systematic line up. It also a starting point to fisherman fishing work. Cycle van, Electric Rickshaws connect to fishing hub. Tourist can attract fishing port fisher man activities and canopy work Frazergunj to Bakkhali or Bakkhali to Frazergunj distance around 3 Km.



At that port, the trawlers line up on the river bank, one by one the trawlers are going to catch fish, some are returning to catch fish. Fishermen are busy with their daily work, some are busy with nets, and some are busy with fishing. Here the activities of the fishermen can be experienced from very close. Benfish auction center are Frazergunj fishing port.



Near about 400,000 people of West Bengal are engaged in fish related production in coastal area of 24 Parganas (South and North) and Purba Medinipur, in West Bengal.  Fishing trawler goes to for fishing in deep sea average 50 nautical miles. Boat length approximate 32 foot, and engine is six cylinders. Each Fishing Trawler carries 700 kg ice for preservation fish during fishing time. Fishing trawler take time for each time fishing more than 7-20 days. Fisherman mainly is caught Hilsa, Mackerel, Marine Tiger thrimp, Hairtail ribbon fish, Pomphlet, Bombey Duck, etc.  Every trawler catches fish of about approx 7500kg during in peak season. In Action center daily fish are sale around 1000kg.



Different gear uses for different fish caught likes, 1. Drift gillnets: Pomfret, threadfin, hilsa, seer, croaker, cat fish, 2. Set bagnet (Behundi) : Bombay duck, croaker, ribbonfish, small pomfret, shrimp, penaeid and non-penaeid, 3. Bottom longline (Dhon): Threadfin, croaker, ray, catfish, 4. Bottom set gillnets : Large perch, polynemus, catfish, ray, 5. Boat seine & encircling gillnet : Hilsa, catfish, threadfin, 6. Shore seine : Sardine, nonpenaeid shrimp, 7. Trawling: Croaker, ribbon fish, catfish, prawn.



The major fish resources of West Bengal listed are 168 species of 68 different families of fish found mainly Arius spp. Sciaenidae (croakers), Tenualosa ilisha, Harpodon nehereus, Rastrelliger kanagurta , Penaeid Prawn, Lates spp. and Lutjanus spp. (snapper and parch), Stromateidae (butter fishes), Other clupeoides, Carangidae (bangada), Trichiuridae (hairtail ribbon fish), Mugilidae (mullets), Elasmobranchii (shark, rays, skates etc.), Non-penaeid prawns, Indian oil sardine, Engraulidae (anchovies), Caranx spp. (Kala bangada), Polynemidae (Indian salmon), Gerreidae (common silver belly), Scomberomorus spp., Marine crust crab, Hemiramphus spp., Upeneus spp. (goatfish), Muraenesox (eels , fin tuna .


Dry Fishing


Marine Fish drying is very common in the coast area in West Bengal, India also. Dried fish have demand in domestic and international market. Fish drying units call ‘locally “Khatis”.  Fishes are dried under natural sunlight in bamboo pole (Pata) in the coastal area . After washing fish are hanging on the pata, and take 3-7 days for drying. Some fishes are prepared with the use of salt. Dry fish is demand to states assam , bihar, uttar Pradesh, odisha, trpura, Manipur and north eastern India. Dry exported to Bangladesh, Mayanmar, Nepal, Pakisthan, Chaina.








The dried fish uses mostly for making fish meal. Common priority of dry fish spices for meal is Harpodon nehereus (Lotte). Other than mostly  dried fish are common in type of spices Trichiurus savala, Sardinella fimbriata, Cynoglossus semifasciatus, Sardinella longiceps, Pampus argentius, Chirocentrus dorab, Polynemus indicus, Tenualosa ilisha, Rastraliger kanagurta, Thunnus albacores, Euthynnus affinis, Pama pama, Leognathus sp., Setipina phasa, Setipina taty, Scoliodon sp., Barelius bhola and Polynemus paradiseus. Dry fish seeseon pick up time are Novembar to march, and lean time April to July.



West Bengal is largest dry fish practice in domestic and International market. Dried fish plays an important role in employment generation of costal poor people at 24 Parganas (South and North) and Purba Medinipur. In dry fish marketing channel, people involved fishing and drying production.