PIYALI ISLAND (Gateway of Sundarban)





The Sundarbans is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the delta region of three rivers, the Ganges, the Brahmaputra and the Meghna. These rivers flow into the Bay of Bengal in the mangrove forest Sundarbans. Sundarbans spreads  is a dense mangrove at south and north 24 Paraganas in West Bengal, India. This place geographical area surrounding are many river and tidal estuary with aquatic animals.   Different recourses on Sundarbans forest, river and tidal are help to flocked peoples.  But intervention of people affected for imbalanced to environment ecosystem.  We know that nature can make life in own way. But people activities some impact to natural activities.





Many of the entrances to the Sundarbans are from Gadkhali, Basanti, Jharkhali, Namkhana Piyali in South 24 Parganas and Hasnabad in North 24 Parganas. Piyali is a natural resource full of beauty that is still the same today in spite of unnatural disasters, perhaps that is why it is called Gantway of Sundarbans. Jharkhali is very close to Piyali, Jharkhali can be reached by crossing the Matla river. You can now drive directly to Jharkhali, but Piyali’s own natural beauty and the clear still waters of the Piyali River combine for miles to create a romantic scene that will captivate you.



The beauty of a little Piyali is seen with the eyes while riding a boat. Picture By: Nomadic Bengali





The Piyali river is one of part of Sundarbans deltaic area, which connect to East Calcutta wetland to Matla and Bidyadhari river of Sundarban. The River Piyali  is a one of the most important in area of Kultali and Canning block in the South 24 Paraganas. The river at present length 43.64 k.m, but once upon a time the river length was 51.25 km. The River Piyali leaves from river Bidyadhari  14 km. below Bamonghata (Tiljala).



Fisherman caught fish on Piyali river. Picture: Nomadic Bengali


Its flow south and south west till join to river Matla about 32 km below Canning. Piyali link to Matla-Kultala gang , which connected to Thakuran. The river flowing is the  Piyali, Marapai, Pirudah, Nabagram, Tilpi, Badukhola Merigunj, Kirtankhola, Andhari, Kundankhali, Garankhali towards northward to southward in canning subdivision. The river flow is interrupted for human activities like embankment, bridge and etc. Piyali Dam (Kenna) connect to Piyali Island and main land and Sudhanyakhali, Sajnekhali, Netidhopani waterways.






The beauty of a little Piyali is seen with the eyes while riding a boat. Picture By: Nomadic BengaliThe beauty of a little Piyali is seen with the eyes while riding a boat. Picture By: Nomadic Bengali



Piyali Island one of the gateways of Sundrabans national park. Piyali Island stands to the confluence of two known river Piyali and Matla and covers by Sundarban’s mangrove and rich avifauna diversity. The island is located on Piyali river in Kultali block south 24 Paraganas, West Bengal, India. Tourist spot has at the lower part of Piyali river in Kella.  Flora and funna , green vegetation and the landscape very attractive in  Piyali island. Adjacent to the Sundarbans, this place is very unique, quite and pollution free. Birds call, wind sound and loneliness make feel very romantic. Cristal clear river water, grey mud on the bunk and greeneries on both sides is a different landscape. Bucks, Ducks, Kingfishers fishing is daily sighting of the island. The constant flow of water in the river, rows of green or yellow trees on the bunks of the river, mud or green grass or black soil below makes this part of the delta more attractive.



Piyali island with Piyali river 02 . Picture by: Nomadic Bengali



There are maximum fisherman catches fish and pin of prawn in the lower part of kella, near to piyali river.  As you like go to the village of the island, you see the daily activities of fishermen and villager. Such as floating Fisherman boat, weaving fishing nets, repairing boats of going to fishing e.t.c. The boats anchor in the bays and stand with manure. Green or Yellow Paddy cultivation on the farmland, past time of children and activities of villagers are also attracts the people of the city a little.





Anyone can experiences of see unique mangrove forest like adventure of mini Sundarbans in Piyali Island.  Dense mangrove forest and paddy field are perfect to walk and find peace of amidst nature. Nature lovers can go to boating on the Piyali River. 



Fishermen’s boats are parked in the mangroves of Piyali River. Picture By: Nomadic Bengali


Piyali island a place of picnic and bird watching for bird lovers spot. Here is an also place of verity exotic birds and spices. In winter every year come migratory birds like their home. View of sunrise and full moon in Piyali River never to be forgotten.  Photographer easily snap photograph on birds, nature, rural life style, and unique landscape of delta.



Fishermen in the Piyali River are busy with their activities. Picture By: Nomadic Bengali


The world’s largest Sundarbans mangrove forest delta can be divided into two types, some of which are inhabited, and the rest are just water and jungle. Piyali is a village where many people live. The residents of Piyali are mainly engaged in fishing and farming.  Now due to the improvement of communication system, many are choosing other occupations outside. The main language here is Bengali. The village people are very ordinary and sociable. The people here do not bother to entertain the guests. The water here is saline as it is close to the sea. So every village has a sweet net pond. In the Piyali, you can reach of local the village by walking along the side of the mangrove forest. If you turn around a little, you can see that the villagers are busy in farming, some of them are weaving fish nets, some of them are busy repairing boats, if you talk to them for a while, you can hear the stories of their experiences in the water.


Those who go by train tracker or auto must check the last time schedule when returning.

Do not use plastic and don’t through garbage anywhere.

Beware of wild insects, snakes.

Rent a local boat by fixing the fare in advance.

Here you can find local food at local tea snacks shops.

If you say in advance, you can listen to the songs of the local Baul singers.

You can get good size crabs in the local market during the evening. The shopkeepers will cook deliciously for you at extra cost.

If you stay in the cup, keep it with a mosquito torch light.

If you can return to Nimpith during the winter, the flowers there will make your visit a success.



Piyali Island is geographically and naturally is mini Sundarbans. It’s called “Gateway of Sundrabans”.  Mangrove forest covers this region. The morning sun comes down and falls into waters of the calm cup, this scene is very enjoyable. Piyali island a experience of tranquility of nature sundarban. Piyali tourist spot is a island, which surrounding by river. The delta called a Bengal basin. The island is a very colorful being for tree, river and mud soil.  Birds plays in own mind in this island.  Piyali river leaves to Bidyadhari 14 km below Bamanghata (Tiljala). Its Flow south to north direction till join river Matla. This island is nearby Matla–Piyali mohona. These water ways carry fresh water, mostly water of Gangas. In winter is the best for tourist to expedition the Piyali. Here Tourist can enjoy boat ride on river by renting boat Piyali to Matla, and also walking throughout the island for Bird watching and mangrove expeditions.





On the night of full moon light (Jyotsna), in the magical moment of Piyali River become a magician.  Piyali is always attractive through Winter to Monsoon. You can also spend time sitting on the river bank in peace. This place has also become a favorite with ornithologists. It is tourist destination throughout the year. Many people came here for picnic in winter along the river dam at Kella.  Tourist can arrange for stay at “Piyali Island Tourist Lodge” booking in advance. In evening, after travelling along the river local  fish fry shops are welcome you with the smell of fresh fish fry. You can enjoy by testing fresh river fish fry of your choice. Local food and packed snacks are available in local shops. In afternoon, crossing the Kella bridge, you can also find fresh shrimps, crabs and  other fish caught by fisherman from piyali river in the village market. You can buy them if you want.  Piyali is one of the best weekend destinations for nomadic.


Piyali’s Kella dam.Picture by: Nomadic Bengali


Now the traveler doesn’t care the weather alert. Bird lovers visit Piyali in 365 days by group or individuals. Nearness to the sea (Bay of Bengal) the average maximum temperature of Sundarban is around 35 degree Celsius. Humidity count near about 82% all through the year annual rainfall in this year region is 1940mm. All over the year storm is the danger to the citizens. Best time to expedition of Piyali in Sundarbans September to April




Winter season the weather is very cool and pleasant, traveler enjoy the nature with full satisfaction.


March – May

Summer with angry hot and humid.


June – September

Monsoon season wet and windy. Monsoon time is very Danger for probability of storms and cyclones.